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Moth Infestation Tips! Part 2

Updated: Feb 6

moth infestation

Still battling clothes moths at home? Here are some moth infestation tips to help you.

When it comes to permanently getting rid of those destructive critters from your drawers, closets and rugs, you’re in it for the long haul (for an overview of battling clothes moths, read my blog post Moth Infestation! Everything You Need to Know). Moths are very, very difficult to eradicate. It only takes one female moth fluttering near a lamp to lay eggs on your recently dry-cleaned rugs or sweaters to re-start an infestation.

Even if you kill the moths you see, it’s impossible to know if others are hiding in your drawers or closets.

While I don’t generally endorse or review products, after reading a recent article about the uptick of this pervasive pest in the paper of record (The New York Times, Moths Have Been Partying in Your Dark Attic. What Now?) , I am again recommending a fantastic product that actually works: MothPrevention brand moth traps, which you can purchase from Amazon:

moth trap

These non-toxic pheromone moth traps effectively lure and kill male clothes moths (and often female moths, too), before they mate and reproduce. I’ve had success with these sticky traps. Place them in closets where you store textiles (clothes, linen, coat closets), near vulnerable rugs and in any location where you’ve spotted moths. They do work.

The downside is that the traps look a bit icky when moths are stuck to them and they're expensive: $39 for 3 traps. According to the manufacturer’s packaging, they will attract months for approximately 3 months, at which time you’ll need to buy refills.

On the other hand, effective traps are a cheaper investment than replacing your Tibetan rugs or favorite cashmere garments.

***Remember: as effective as they are, moth traps are NOT a substitute for the other steps you must take to destroy moth eggs and the destructive larvae: laundering, dry cleaning and bagging all vulnerable textiles; and vigorously cleaning drawers and surfaces where damaged textile are garments are stored. The traps are one component of an overall strategy to eradicate these pesky critters from your home.

Be well (and moth-free),


New York City


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