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Online Services

Consultations and advisory services now available online or by phone

As an alternative to on-site work, we can provide virtual consultations and advisory services to address a wide range of your needs. Please visit our services section to see the full range of our archival, collection management and inventory services.

We’re here to help you.


What We Do

Shelley Diamond Archival Solutions LLC provides archival and collection management services for artists and collectors, and home inventory services for homeowners, renters and estates in New York City.

How It Works

With nothing more than a camera on a mobile device, we can conduct a virtual survey of your collection and property using FaceTime or Zoom. 


Through a remote “show and tell” of your property, we'll address your questions, make recommendations and even provide a plan for managing your personal property and virtually any type of collection.    

Online Services for Collectors, Artists and Artist Estates:

We can evaluate, assess and recommend solutions to typical issues such as:

  • Care and handling

  • Storage options

  • Preservation concerns

  • Home, storage space or studio environmental conditions

  • Display choices and long-term preservation

  • Inventory, numbering systems and tracking methods

  • Document organization and management

Online Services for Homeowners and Estates:

Inventory consultations, training sessions and customized inventory templates for documentation, tangible property management and loss prevention. Online services are tailored for:

  • Beneficiaries, estate executors and estate planners

  • Home buyers / sellers planning a move

  • Homeowners renewing home insurance policies

  • Homeowners managing rental units


We provide COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute virtual and phone consultations.  

Rates for services are based upon an hourly rate or by project fee, depending on the type and extent of the work required.

We’re committed to the protection and safeguarding of your personal information and adhere to the

Society of American Archivists’ Core Values of Archivists and Code of Ethics for Archivists.  Read More.

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