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Artist & Artist Estate Services

Organize your studio | Ensure your legacy

When you're focused on creating, it's easy to put the administrative side of your art business on the back burner. Yet good organization and recordkeeping in the studio is critical to tracking what you produce, managing your career effectively and planning your estate.

Too often families and executors inherit an overwhelming task: sorting through the lifework of an artist and making sense of the many records created during a career, materials that are essential to understanding and interpreting an artist’s legacy. Organizing, cataloging and preserving works of art and archival materials in an artist’s estate can be daunting, but are critical to responsible long-term stewardship and preservation.


What We Do

Shelley Diamond Archival Solutions provides archival and organizational services to help working artists organize their art and business records, and helps families and executors overseeing an artist’s estate.

We assess the scope of your project and evaluate your specific needs. Following archival descriptive and preservation standards, we recommend systems to inventory and catalog artworks and artist papers, as well as address their proper care and storage.

How It Works

We provide complimentary phone consultations to discuss your archival needs and goals. Fees are based either on an hourly rate or by project fee, depending upon the extent and type of the archival services required. On-site consultations to evaluate the nature and scope of the archival project may be billed at an hourly rate.

Our Archival Services include:

  • ​Strategic plans

  • Processing plans and workflows

  • Storage and housing

  • Organization and arrangement

  • Artwork inventories

  • Archival finding aids

  • Inventory systems, improvements to existing systems and migrations to new systems

  • Photographic documentation and digital imaging

  • Site assessments (facility, preservation, environmental and security)

  • Disaster planning and preparedness

We’re committed to the protection and safeguarding of your personal information and adhere to the

Society of American Archivists’ Core Values of Archivists and Code of Ethics for Archivists.  Read More.

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