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Collector Archival Services

Take charge of your collection

Whether your passion is fine art, antiques, collectibles or memorabilia, your collection is a significant personal asset. Regardless of its size or value, it makes sense to properly and responsibly oversee your investment. We make it easy by looking after the collection management details so that you can enjoy what you collect.


What We Do

Shelley Diamond Archival Solutions provides customized inventory and collection management services to oversee the storage, organization, safe display and long-term preservation of your collection.  

How It Works

We provide complimentary phone consultations to discuss your collection management needs, and on-site consultations to propose a plan that meets your objectives and goals. Fees are based either on an hourly rate or by project fee, depending upon the extent and type of services. Appointments for on-site consultations to evaluate the nature and scope of a collection may be billed at an hourly rate. 

Our Collection Management Services include:

  • ​Care and handling

  • Storage and housing 

  • Organization, labeling, numbering

  • Inventories, inventory systems or improvements to existing systems

  • Photographic documentation and digital imaging

  • Document management
    (e.g. invoices, provenance information, gallery records, appraisals)

  • Environmental, display and security evaluations

  • Identification of items for appraisal or conservation treatment

We’re committed to the protection and safeguarding of your personal information and adhere to the

Society of American Archivists’ Core Values of Archivists and Code of Ethics for Archivists.  Read More.

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