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Archival Services for
Artists | Collectors | Family Estates


Everyone's organizational needs and goals are different.

Perhaps you're an artist with a lifetime of work and studio records, or a collector considering the long-term care and stewardship of your fine art, antiques, or collectibles. You may be planning your estate, or you may be an executor or beneficiary of an estate who is overseeing the distribution of a loved one’s belongings, or you may be managing an artist’s estate. We can help.

Shelley Diamond Archival Solutions offers archival, organizational and collection management services in New York City customized to meet your needs.

When you’re focused on creating, it’s easy to put the administrative side of your art business on the back burner. 

We help you stay organized.

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Building a collection may be a recent endeavor or a lifelong pursuit. Whatever your passion, it’s essential to properly manage and care for your collection.

We make it easy.

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Image by Radu Marcusu

Sorting, discarding, and distributing a lifetime of belongings is emotional and overwhelming. But devising a game plan and using a simple tool makes the task easier. We can guide the way.

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Years of Experience

Shelley Diamond is a professional archivist uniquely qualified to care for your collection and its multifaceted needs. For two decades she was Senior Archivist at JPMorgan Chase & Co., developing plans and procedures for the preservation of the bank's vast and varied historical collections.


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All inquiries are welcome. We're happy to schedule a free phone consultation, virtual consultation or answer questions on solving your archival, collection management or home inventory needs.

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